Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Introduction to Maginty's Quest

Introduction to Maginty’s Quest

by Chelsy Swann


    Maginty’s Quest is a story  of magic that will entertain  adventurous and intelligent readers aged  nine to ninety three and a half.

    Originating in the troubled times of the 1700s, when a family of Wizards are burnt out of their home in London, the story makes its way across the Atlantic Ocean to the lair of Pirates. Two sea creatures are given a quest by a mortally wounded pirate, who just happens to be a Wizard.

    One of the sea creatures is an Octopus named Maginty.  His companion  Deacon, the notorious Ace Navigator,  is a turtle.  A calming influence on this pair  is an electric eel called Sissy.

    They wait many years to carry out their quest which takes place in the London suburb of Chelsea.

    Will they succeed against the many villains who stand in their way?


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