Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Changing a Script into a Novel

How to turn 30,000 words into 60,000 words using the exact same story line.
I didn't say it would be easy, and it isn't.....
...but it is possible.
Take one well honed final draft script.
Keep the same characters.
Keep the exact same story.
Now write the novel.
Simple example..Script, Actor A  opens the door to the small room and moves to the window where he pulls back the tattered curtain to look out onto the street.  28 words.
Novel,  Actor A, wearing a black leather overcoat  and a red baseball cap slowly opens the door to the small sparsely furnished apartment, carefully checking that there is no-one else in the room he moves across to the window and pulls the faded and torn curtain to one side and keeping well back he looks out onto the street ...59 words.
A basic example but I am sure you get the drift. With  a script there will be Designer input, also input from the Wardrobe dept, the Make up dept, the Location dept,  the Lighting dept..and of course the massive input from the Producer-Director
So as you can see it is easy to just take all of those talented people's efforts and replace them with your own colourful words..and thats what we have been doing with four of our scripts'
The Sandrunners, a story of young love in Egypt, the ancient tombs and the first of the New Olympics in 1896.Now published and available from Amazon.
The Stack, a family saga set mainly in Australia which begins in the battlefields of WW1.
Soon to be published and available on Amazon.
Maginty's Quest, A magical story for the younger intelligent reader, Piracy, sea creatures that can talk and gangs of crooks in modern day London.
Soon to be published and available on Amazon.
Sex,Drugs and a String Quartet, Th journey of a young musician in 18th century Italy and his life changing encounters among the rock and rollers of that period. 
Soon to be published and available on Amazon.

Note:  It has been pointed out by several visitors that the example above is ,as stated, a very simple one.I made it that way because not all visitors have had the experience of working on a film set, where even the most basic stage direction can create quite complex problems.
If any readers of the blog have other examples then please feel free to illustrate them on this site.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Tom Clancy and Elmore Leonard Great America Creatives


Two great contempory American writers, both sadly moved on within the space of a few days.Thank heaven America has a few of them still working.

As a tribute to both writers I have been revisiting their books, in some cases re -re-reading them, they still have the magic.

To read +Elmores books is to visit a world one would never wish to visit without an armed guard, totally enjoyable.
+Clancy had the gift, usually referred to as "The Clancy Moment", of writing just a few words that would change the entire story line and make the hairs on the back of the head stand up, he had great talent and his readers were so lucky
As a filmmaker I would read both authors works and totally visualise every chapter/scene..A Producers/Directors/Director of Photography's delight.

Thank you fellas.