Saturday, 1 December 2018

Tattoos...why I hate them.

For a woman to tattoo her body is like taking a beautiful Ming Dynasty vase and hitting it with a hammer to make it crack...Ladies you are flawless...having some meaningless Oriental motto or saying running across your back will not make you more will make you look like an idiot.
On  recent film shoot in a city just north of London I saw about six tattoo shops along the main street..they were busy..all of them..the odd thing was that most of the clientele were very overweight females having some decal permanently slashed across whatever part of her anatomy she dared to reveal in public..When they  went into the salon they were very obese..when they left they were still obese, quite a lot poorer and wearing a tattoo..they were not any more attractive or alluring, most of the other clientele seemed to be composed of young men who thought they were being made more manly and attractive by having their usually scrawny arms covered in fearsome looking didnt work..they were still scrawny young men with a problem and perhaps only attractive to the obese women..

Keep this crap off your simply do not need it.

On a recent film shoot a very attractive young actress turned up at the readthrough , then later turned up on the film set to deliver her lines..then off to wardrobe..where her career came to a shuddering halt..Her character required her to wear short sleeves and a low cut top, plus a short skirt..She was lathered in tattoos..arms ,legs, chest. back..She was replaced immediately with the director yelling at her that actors must be a well kept and empty vessel..not a fucking art gallery..Never seen her since.

Don't be classed as a low life idiot..keep- the tattoo crap away,dont be a walking graffiti wall for some badly trained and talentless artist.

And would the NHS kindly stop spending my tax money on paid to have it put on so pay to have it money can be better spent elsewhere on people with real illnesses.