Thursday, 12 November 2015

Hello and welcome to The Chelsy Swann Blogpost

Some of you may not be aware that the name Chelsy Swann is the pen name for two writers Mary Lou Brown/Clarke, and myself Richard Dodd, who have collaborated on two novels...

The Sandrunners..

A story about a young Egyptian peasant boy and his small runt camel who defeat all odds  tocompete in the New Olympics of 1896.

Maginty,s Quest.
A tale for the younger reader which involves Pirates, magic,treachery, and three sea creatures who have been given the power to carry out a quest which they have been waiting to do for several hundred years.The leader of this brave trio is an octopus called Maginty, a name given to him by Red Rufus Maginty. a renowned and feared a reward for saving  his life....Red Rufus was also a Magician.

There are another two novels written by myself under the name of RJ Dodd.

The Stack

This is a family saga set mainly in Australia but which starts of in the early 20th Century in England, which at that time was embroiled in a war with Germany.Two young men,survivors of that war, set out to Australia to begin a new life and set up family dynasties...but first they have to recover the gold they stole from a Turkish bank during the invasion of that country.....this is their story..

The Fiddler

This latest story relates the life adventures of a young farm boy who lives on the family farm in  18th Century Italy who, by chance, meets up with some of Mozarts Orchestra who are travelling to play a concert before the Pope in Rome.
The farm boy,Dante Gabriele, a talented player of the violin,taught by his uncle the  Parish Priest,decides he will renounce the rural life and join this group of troubadours.Was it a mistake..Dante meets life in the raw and suffers all of the pleasures and drawbacks of being a traveling musician in those times..which, just as today, was filled with adventures involving drugs,sex,intrigue,treachery...and in some tragic cases...death.

All four books are available worldwide on amazon... both on kindle and paperback .
All four books are adapted from our screenplays of the same names..and written with the emphasis of the pace of a moving..brief dialogue..cinematic in style and delivery...go forth and enjoy.