Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Wanted...Movie Producers..Serious ones.

Avantiventures Ltd have four scripts , from which four novels have been adapted and published.

The Sandrunners..A story about a young Egyptian peasant boy,Yusuf, who is a phenomenal distance runner
He is forced  by circumstance to run in the first of the new Olympics, staged in Athens in 1896.
To win brings him everything he could wish for, including the hand of his upper class girlfriend..to lose means he has nothing and may even be killed by his new found enemies.
Yusuf is aided and abetted in his endeavours by a British Egyptologist and his runt camel Suzy..who also runs in the race with him.

The Stack...A family saga set mainly in Australia after the first and second world wars.It begins in Cumbria ,England when two young men from diverse social backgrounds set off to fight in the war against Germany.
They finally finish up in Turkey in the Gallipoli battle and make a discovery that will send them off to the antipodes for a new life after the war is over.
Their separate families grow up close together and prosper..but what they found in Turkey comes back to haunt them many years later..and threatens to destroy all that they have achieved.

Maginty,s Quest..A magical story mainly for he younger reader..viewer.It centres around two sea creatures,an octopus and a turtle who have been given human characteristics by a  wounded Pirate Captain that theY rescue from certain death after his crew mutinied against him.
 The Captain,Red Rufus Maginty, is also a wizard and he gives his young rescuers a quest which must be fulfilled when they are called upon to do so.
That call comes several hundred years later when Red Rufus,s ancestors are threatened by modern day thugs in Chelsea,London, England.
They have to leave their home in Bermuda and travel across the Atlantic ocean to help in the quest..they meet lots enemies on the way including the ancestors of the man who led the mutiny so many years ago.. Captain Cutlass.
The creatures are named Maginty, he is the cheeky octopus, and the other is called Deacon, a very serious turtle who also fancies himself as an Ace Navigator...well he would wouldn't he.They are accompanied by Boomer, a hermit crab who lives in a large conch shell and Sissy, an electric eel who has to sometimes act as mediator.
This small gang meet up with Rufus,s family to fight the ruthless foe.

The Fiddler..This is mainly a story about he crazy lives of musicians...Sex drugs and Rock and Roll is regarded as a fairly modern lifestyle for some musicians but it was also a lifestyle that was adapted many years ago.
Dante Gabriele is a young farm lad from southern Italy who follows his deep rooted ambition to achieve a life in the world of music..in the late 1700s
This entails walking away from his family inheritance and entering a world of vagabonds,cutthroats, entertainers, rampant sex., love and finally betrayal..
All of this is set in the many Palazzos of Italy, mainly in Venice and Rome.
A totally distraught Dante finally finds salvation in a totally unexpected way and returns to his roots but events from his wild life finally catch up and send him reeling off into another dangerous part of his life.
This was originally titled
 Sex Drugs and a String Quartet.

All four titles are available in book form,kindle and paperback from amazon worldwide and for serious enquirers there are scripts available.
 A fifth script is being written .. A contemporary tale of murder and Mayhem set in Oregon..stay tuned...

Any inquiries to  www. mail@avantiventures.com