Saturday, 26 May 2018

Been trying to raise some interest amongst Literary agents over on Twitter...I tweeted a very brief cv, not much detail but it vaguely plots my movements after leaving school at fifteen..Steelworker..apprentice..Coal miner..deep seam colliery 1200 feet, seams at below 3feet.
Labourer, Building site checker, camera shop assistant.,Newspaper darkroom technician, assistant cameraman in a news agency, BBC sound man ,and finally a Director of Photography with a great company which allowed me to travel the world and hone my skills in the Drama field...then I turned to writing...having read and filmed  literally hundreds of drama scripts I finally turned my hand to writing novels..using my memories from travelling to exotic locations I try to inject some of those picturesque moments into the  and keep the pace of films.
Response so far...Zilch.
But I will keep on trying because I know that if these books hit bookstore shelves then they will fly.
Wish me luck.