Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Ultra tidy..or a compulsive, obsessive behaviour disorder..

Just a funny one...may appeal to those with borderline COBD..
Some years ago we lived in a very fashionable district of London, in a beautiful two bedroom apartment on Brompton Road.
At the time we ran two vehicles..a rather smart Range Rover and a slightly careworn Izuzu Trooper.I loved driving the Trooper, still have it here in Italy.
Whilst we both love cars neither one of us is too keen about cleaning them or keeping them tidy.The Range Rover was the one I used for work and kept reasonably tidy, the Troop was a runaround..and completely scruffy.music cassettes littered every l
flat surface, the floor, back and front, discarded food packages, old plastic bottles, newspapers..you name it and it was abandoned to its fate in that vehicle. It was a total tip.
We parked on the street as most Londoners do and usually in front of the apartment block on that very busy road. Imagine our surprise and a a level of consternation when one Saturday morning we went out to the car to find it had been broken into..nothing smashed, just a side window had been pushed forward and allowed access...but the most astonishing thing was...all of the cassettes were in a neat pile on the dashboard, the newspapers were all folded and stacked neatly on the back seat, the other discarded rubbish had been collected and placed in plastic bags, the dash had been wiped of all its historic dust collections...and the car looked almost new.
Never found out who did the clean up job but we reckon it was some one with the above COBD.
It would be great if they lived nearby.

Sunday, 8 July 2018

English Tuition by skype

For those of you who wish to learn English by skype please go to...www.ielts-caetuition.com

It is an excellent organisation run by My wife and co writer..Mary Lou Clarke