Saturday, 20 January 2018


Has any of you ever had Cancer...its a shit word  for a shit disease that scares the hell out of most people.
I am on my third tumour.
The first one was found in 2005 during a routine medical symptoms whatsoever...Biopsy showed a full tumour in my Prostate ..It was taken out using the DaVinci method..a robot..less co lateral damage and a quicker recovery..thats true..I was back at work within two weeks but I remember vividly that first short walk to the newsagents from my apartment..all of fifty yards but the round trip took almost two hours.

All seemed fine for twelve years..then my routine blood tests showed my PSA had risen..PSA is given off by Prostate cancer cells...the boy had returned...and the PSA was rising rapidly..Scans sign of the Prostate tumour but a scan showed up something abnormal in my chest...Turns out I had a full blown breast cancer...I am a man so I never ever checked that area...This tumour was rapidly removed by surgery...and I had another scan as my PSA was rising rapidly..The scan showed up a tumour on the site of my old and removed Prostate...I immediately went into hormone therapy treatment and the PSA numbers have dropped rapidly...another 8 months of  this  then Radiology...then that's it...on my own...but then I am 77 so I have not got a million miles to go...another ten life miles would be nice.
During all of this, apart from recovery from surgery..I have always felt fine and still go about my business as normal..writing and filming....and trying to put to one side that agents within my own body are trying to kill me...If any of you have a friend or family member who wants to have a chat about their cancer then please ask them to contact me on my e mail  r.jdodd@outlook,com .
It sometimes helps to shed the load