Friday, 12 April 2019

Creative Executive Producer.

R.J.Dodd...owner of this blog site and a DoP for over fifty years..

Author of five novels:

The Stack.
Maginty's Quest.
The Sandrunners.
The Fiddler.
The Unknowns......

..has just been offered the job of Creative Executive Producer with a new film company with a good portfolio...


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Monday, 1 April 2019

buying tough quality

Having spent decades on film sets all round the globe..and having to be on my feet for most of that time I have always considered the health of my feet, not to put too  much weight on them, stay slim, if blistered then take remedial steps immediately and generqally pay the attention...nothing worse than sore feet when you need to be on them all day.
To that end I have always bout shoes that fit, were well made, robust, made of material that did not make my feet sweat and generally looked good.
Many years ago I found that the shoes and boots made byTimberland completely fitted the bill...affordable. durable, comfortable...all the qualities I looked for in I regularly bougyht the product, particularly when I was filming in America,
One pair of boots had a particular part of my heart and its fair to say that I wore them on every occasion their qualities were needed. I had them for years...they were a little care worn, scuffed, the sole tread had worn down and so had the heel, but they still did the job...until one day.
During a particularly rain sodden shoot one of my feet got wet...HORRORS, CANT BE...but it was..the beloved boots had sprung a leak, at least one of them had.
Some months later I decided to have the faulty boot repaired..where better than at Timberland. Off I trotted to the Bond Street London store and handed them over.
The conversation went something like this:
Me..Hello, could you repair these please.
Asst..Repair Sir?
Me..Yes, the right one has sprung a leak...and I know they are well used but they are my favourites and I want them repaired.
Asst..Sprung a leak sir?
Me..Yes..the right one.
Asst..I am afraid that cannot be right sir, you see, Timberland boots do not leak.
Me..This  one did, the right one.
Asst..Sorry sir ..not possible.

Now I was becoming a little frustrated with this chap..

Me..My foot got wet when it was in that boot when I was standing in a boggy leaked.
The assistant, without a word, took both of my boots and put them below the counter, went to a store room and came back with a brand new pair..same style, same size.H pushed the across the counter to me.
Asst..Try theses sir, genuine Timberland, they will not leak.compliments of the company.

The assistant took my name and address and I left the shop..with my new boots.
Some months later I received a letter from the Timberland main office in America.They were extremely apologetic and they enclosed a lab report on the offending boot..some stitching has worn out and they have rectified the manufacture, they hoped the replacements were still keeping my feet dry.
This is not an advert for Timberland..just a belated thank you for making great shoes and providing amazing service